THE SWEET – FUNNY FUNNY: 1971 (with words)

Catchy tune that – can’t seem to get it out of my head!!

All hail Chinn and Chapman the masters of the pop song, I’ve added the words so you can sing along.(Hope I haven’t spoilt it for you).

Anyone who loves Sweet, will know, that THIS was not their idea of making music, but it got them noticed – pre Ballroom Blitz and Blockbuster, but along with CO-CO, a tune that’ll be in your head for days to come.
Sweet were very bad boys!! At the time of their heyday, I was only very young – but Steve Priest had quite an alarming effect on me even then !!
(I urge you to buy his book from and have an insight into what they got up to).
Incidentally, I prefer their harder rock type songs, “love is like oxygen” is pure genius, (Andy Scott’s masterpiece).
A lot of their songs have been covered by later bands, and I’ll bet some of you out there think Def Leppard were responsible for “Action”. . . NOPE!
And you can definitely hear the songs of Queen echoing the strains of Sweet’s later self penned hits. Brian May’s wizard fingers often sound a lot like Andy Scott’s playing – wouldn’t you agree?
I found it hard to find pictures of Brian Connolly where he didn’t look so sad all the time, but if you read Steve’s book it may give you a hint why.
Pictures of the great Mick Tucker are also thin on the ground.

‘Funny Funny’ A side single 1971 (RCA)
‘You’re not wrong for lovin’ me’ B side

Incidentally, I sang this song so often at work recently, that loads of twenty somethings, who’d never heard of Sweet, are now singing it too – ROCK ON!!
Enjoy – SWEET – a VERY under-rated band!
And sooooooo before their time with their own music.