Funny Virus

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the name of the song?
Yakety Sax
Benny Hill – Theme song

Q: Where can I download this?
A: You can’t. I made the virus on notepad using visual basic script.

Q: Why does your grammar suck?
A: I made the “virus” when I was nine or ten, and I did not have a strong understanding of grammatical coherence back then.

Q: How do you make this?
A: In notepad, type the following:
msgbox (“Your Message Here”)
then save it as a .vbs file.
If that short explanation doesn’t suffice, search for a tutorial online. There are plenty. I’d search something like “Popup window prank”.

Q: Why do you bring up RuneScape lingo so much?
A: I was very into RuneScape during the time I was making the “virus.” My YouTube channel was also RuneScape oriented, but I deleted my videos when I quit playing. I kept this one due to its prosperity.

Q: Why is it called ‘funny virus’ when it’s not a virus?
A: The title of the video was intended to attract an audience seeking something entertaining, and I daresay it worked.