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Fake Pregnancy Prank AKA Paternity Fraud Prank AKA Every Guys WORST Nightmare Prank AKA AKA.

After having absolutely NO LUCK finding a costume to look pregnant (all of them looked pretty bad and got bad reviews), I decided to be resourceful and make one myself. At first I thought a bike or skateboard helmet would be the right shape, but it wasn’t quite right. I just ended up cutting an old basketball laying around the house in half and it turned out really good. Looked more authentic and was more affordable than any other alternative.

Paternity fraud refers to a paternal discrepancy or a non-paternity event, in which a mother names a man to be the biological father of a child, particularly for self-interest, when she knows or suspects that he is not the biological father.

A 2005 scientific review of international published studies of paternal discrepancy found a range in incidence from 0.8% to 30% (median 3.7%, with half of the academic studies on the subject, i.e. eight, yielding rates from  2.0% to 9.6%), suggesting that the widely quoted and unsubstantiated figure of 10% of non-paternal events is an overestimate. However, in situations where disputed parentage was the reason for the paternity testing there were higher levels; an incidence of 17% to 33% (median of 26.9%). Most at risk were those born to younger parents, to unmarried couples and those of lower socio-economic status, or from certain cultural groups.

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