SLIME PRANK on My Uncle! Bucket of Gelli Ooze Baff Slime!!!

SLIME PRANK on Our Dad’s Brother Uncle Jason! Bucket of Gelli Ooze Baff Slime!!! Don’t eat My Green Popcicle at 3PM or You Get SLIMED!!!
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I 1st saw Tiana from Toys AndMe do lots of slime pranks on her mom and dad, so I decided to get my dad back after he popped our balloons with ooze baff slime! And Now uncle Jason eats the last green popcicle, NOT COOL! So today he getls slimed! It’s like gelli baff, but more slimy! Gotta love his epic reaction! It’s so hilarious! Maybe next time I use a bigger bucket? On my mom???

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