How to do 10 SCARY Halloween Magic Pranks!

My best prank ever in this Halloween 2018 How To Magic video… I’ve had this electronic Ouija board since Halloween 2017 waiting to prank Veronica with it… totally worth the wait, she freaked out so bad. Give a trick instead of a treat this Halloween! The video also features an amazing pumpkin jackolantern prank you can do, a trick or treat candy prank to do on Halloween, learn how to eat glass as a funny prank, create a spooky food illusion with a ketchup packet, and Veronica faints at the sight of a wound! You’ll also see a scary DIY Halloween costume idea, the secret of how to cut your finger in half, a fascinating science trick with gasoline and liquid nitrogen that looks like real magic, and a gross halloween prank to freak out your friends with a gnarly burn! As a bonus you’ll learn the secret of how Haunted Houses safely use a chainsaw for pranking and scaring people each Halloween season!

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Supplies You’ll Need:
White Chocolate • Light Bulb Packaging Mold • Microwave • Spoon • Lighter • Freezer • iPad or other Tablet Computer • Tape • Shirt • Scissors • Marker • Ketchup Packet • Needle • Tack • Ouija Board • Candles • Latex Gloves • Paper • Paper Towels • Colored Smoke • Pumpkin Jackolantern • Pumpkin Carving Kit • Liquid Nitrogen • Gasoline • Bowl • Glue • Chainsaw • Tools • Stage Blood • Fake Razor Slash Prank

How to Magic Halloween Pranks in this Video:
1.) Eating Lightbulbs Trick or Treat Candy Prank
2.) Electronic Moving Ouija Board Seance Scary Prank
3.) Funny KFC Ketchup Packet Scary Eyes Prank
4.) Amazing Cut in Half Finger Halloween Prank
5.) Magic Colored Smoke Jackolantern Pumpkin Prank
6.) Little Ghosts Liquid Nitrogen in Gasoline Science Trick
7.) Glue on Hand Gross Skin Burn Peel Halloween Prank
8.) Scary Razor Slash Fake Cut Halloween Prank
9.) How to do Scary Halloween Chainsaw Prank
10.) Magic DIY Halloween Costume Hole in Body Prank


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