October's Shocking PSN Top 20 – Kinda Funny Games Daily 11.06.19

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Tim and Greg run through the top PS4 downloads, and the list might SHOCK you. Seriously. This isn’t clickbait.

Time Stamps –
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The Roper Report –
00:03:45 – Top 20 PS4 Downloads of October
00:05:22 – Why did Ubisoft consider the game to be a commercially underperforming in their Q2 earnings call? What do you think were the projections for this game? – Best Friends Qs
00:19:40 – Hold your horses on Halo: TMCC PC, Eddie @ GameSpot
00:26:06 – Playtonic isn’t making another Banjo!
00:29:18 – US Gamers Spend about $30 Billion SO FAR, James Batchelor @ GIB
00:32:40 – Speaking of Sales, GameStop Announces it’s Black Friday hours…
00:34:00 – Orioto makes a game!
00:38:30 – Out today
00:43:20 – Nintendo’s 45 minute press conference on super smash Bros new inclusion, Terry Bogard, has come and gone. Overall it was a lot of information and a lot of good additions except for the pointed out exclusion of an SNK heroine, Mai Shiranui. If you do a quick Google search on her she is a scantily dressed heroine who is popular in the SNK/Kingdom of Fighters franchise. While I’m someone who personally isn’t close to the SNK franchise do you think this takes away the enjoyment for those who are – Frankfurtter – Best Friends Qs
00:49:47 – HIMS
00:51:22 – MANSCAPED
Reader mail –
00:53:20 – Playstation Now seems like a great service and competitor to Game Pass. But, why do they have such quick turnaround for players to play newer games, compared to Xbox? – The Nano Biologist
00:57:20 – Squad Up: Anton from Atlanta(Fortnite and Modern Warfare) – AntonSixxx on everything but PlayStation. PlayStation Anton6xx
00:58:18 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s Hosts:Greg and Imran

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