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Credits :
0:00 – 0:52
Luffy Miezumi [email protected]

MUHAMMAD ZIDANE AL KAHFI [email protected]

Sara Al-ajmi (via Google Drive) [email protected]

Khalid Goggle [email protected]

fadiltamar14012008 [email protected] .mp4

Cosmin XG [email protected]
Cosmin XG [email protected]

Johnarmin Valdez [email protected]

Silvi Avira [email protected]
Silvi Avira [email protected]

4LikeJune [email protected]

Anurag Rai [email protected]

Dyo Erlangga [email protected]

The Beginner [email protected]

YesToGaming [email protected]

Music Credits :
[No Copyright Music] New Happy Day – fennecbeats
Laszlo – Gravity [Monstercat Release]
pull ya gun finger trigger epic music pegboard gunslinga
Anders Bothén – Wah What’s Up 3 – Funk , Beats
Secure The Beat 2 by Andreas Jamsheree – [2000s Hip Hop Music]
The Drop In The Club 1 by Niklas Gustavsson – [Trap Music]
Doo Dat Wah by Gavin Luke – [Electro, Swing Music]
Royalty Free Music – Funny Song
Cataclysmic Molten Core – YouTube Audio Library
Opening fun jazz
The Happy Troll song by D1ofAquavibe Lu calibre in game music

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